Inspire, equip, and empower the community to make science more robust, transparent, and accessible.



interactions between members of the community.



during interactive workshops.



principles of Open Science daily.


What we do

We are working with and for the members of the University of Montreal to establish an inclusive and collaborative community where students and researchers at all stages of their careers feel welcome to learn, share, and discuss open science values, principles, and practices. As open science is a broad and wide-ranging concept with domain-specific definitions, we will provide opportunities to meet and encourage the exchange of ideas within and across fields because we can all learn from each other. By raising awareness, we hope this project will instigate a culture shift and help people realize how they can immediately benefit from using open and reproducible practices, making science more accessible, transparent and reproducible.

For who?

Anyone interested, whether affiliated to UdeM or not, can participate in the activities and join our initiative. However, the interests and needs of the UdeMian community guide the broad directions that the initiative undertakes and the types of activities organized.

In other words, anyone who is curious to learn how they can benefit from the use of open and reproducible practices in their daily life can become a member.

Optimize the openness of the scientific process by empowering the community through:

  • a peer network to share and discuss with other open science enthusiasts;
  • activities and conferences about issues in modern scientific processes;
  • workshops on open research methods;
  • creating learning resources;
  • promoting open tools made by our own members;